'Part 1' ReleaSys 9804 Dip Mold Release (Dip Liquid) - PrimeCaps  - Blank and Sculpted Artisan Keycaps for cherry MX mechanical keyboards

'Part 1' ReleaSys 9804 Dip Mold Release (Dip Liquid)

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***Mold release products are not food safe!  Do not expose food cooking/prep surfaces to mold release agents***

We are happy to announce that we are now working with HWS to make 9804 available within Canada.

This is HWS 'Part 1' of their in-house tested mold release solution for polyurethane to metal and rubber mold release.  This product may be used as a stand alone product for release, but our suggested use is to couple the 'Part 1' ReleaSys 9804 Dip Mold Release with 'Part 2' ReleaSys 78 Brushable Aerosol release of our two part mold release solution.

 'Part 1' ReleaSys 9804 is a water based mold release meant to be applied once in up to 8 casts to assure the longevity of rigid and flexible molds.  For a coating of ReleaSys 9804 to wear evenly it must be used in conjunction with 'Part 2' ReleaSys 78.

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Please note, this product is only available to Canadian customers. If you are located in the US, visit https://hungerwork.studio to order.