Cap Dimensions

We know how hard it can be to find a cap that matches your profile, whether it be low, high, sculpted or non-sculpted. We have designed the Chaos cap on our own signature profile which we are constantly trying to improve. (we are always happy to receive feedback!)

As for progression, we are now on Chaos cap v1.1 following the v1 and v0.9 releases.

Chaos caps have a flat top and smooth semi-gloss finish to allow for better internal viewing! 

Chaos Caps are designed to fit Cherry MX switches and have rectangular shaped posts that are much thicker than typical cylindrical posted caps. This added thickness is meant to ensure that the caps can withstand years of use, though may make them incompatible with some unusual Cherry MX switch clones.

Contact us for assistance, we are happy to help!

Cap dimensions:

Chaos Caps v0.9 

  • Cap at base: 17.69mm x 17.69mm
  • Cap at top: 14mm x 13.30mm
  • Cap height (from base to highest point): 11.53mm

Chaos Caps v1 

  • Cap at base: 17.80mm x 17.30mm
  • Cap at top: 13.46mm x 11.95mm
  • Cap height (from base to highest point): 11.80mm

Chaos Caps v1.1

  • Cap at base: 18.00mm x 17.66mm
  • Cap at top: 13.91mm x 11.95mm
  • Cap height (from base to highest point): 14.16mm