How it all works.

Some info for the uninitiated. 

You may feel confused right now. Don't worry, that's normal.

Welcome to our new project, guided by a mysterious hobo into the unknown, we hope you enjoy it! In this world, stories morph into keys, and keys weave into stories – we're the bridge between the two.

Most of our key sales take the form of raffles. However, from time to time, we roll out fulfillment sales and commissions.

At the heart of our brand is craftsmanship. Every packaging piece and material, born in the Primecaps studio, is a result of handiwork and novel techniques. We trust you'll cherish the touch, the feel, and the story. Don't forget: a special fortune awaits you in the Catalyst coffee packs. And may the Hidden Layers Man card play in your favor!

We aim to do new key releases weeks, with some room for a stream we have been working on.

Thank you all so much for your support on the journey!

Frank & Lisa