Welcome to Primecaps!

Happy 2019 to everyone out there.

We have a ton of projects in the works for the new year that we are excited to share with you.

Share the Luv Raffle sale

Two tasty batches of Lurv are ready to go. These Lurv were inspired by some Valentines Sweets and come with their own special message of LUV.  

All invoices have been sent.

Share the LUV

Lurv U2

Sweet Talker & Marshmallow Dreams 

Kizushi 2

All the Kizushi have now been mailed out to the raffle winners. Thank you to everyone!

We hope to have some more sweet encaps to share soon.

Cherry Profile

Our new Cherry profile keys are in production! Thanks to all who joined in on our most recent Prime Navigator sale!

Mercury Free Resin

We make sure to use 100% mercury free resin during production to ensure that your environment is not contaminated by your keys! 

Get your dip on!

We are happy  to announce that we are now supplying Canadian makers with Miller Stephens mold release products. Keep those molds alive for longer! Drop us a line if you have any questions.

Need somebody to Lurv?

We have some fresh new Lurv u2 in the works right now!