Möbius Operandi - Pandora - A PrimeCaps Experience

...Blinking the sleep out of your eyes, you peer over at your VFD clock. 4:19am.

It was at that moment you smelled that familiarly acrid scent, the waft of ozone tinted by the multitude of semiconducting elements dispersed amongst it. Something let out the magic smoke last night.

You hear a rustling by your desk in the far corner of the room, turning you see a figure bathed in shadows…

It is as though his very presence defies the traditional notions of time and space. An inexplicable aura emanates from him; it is a gentle hum that seems to blend the frequencies of the natural world.

The room pulses with the unknown, the unexplainable. The buzz of electricity grows stronger, the hum from the machines deeper, the lines between the physical and ethereal blur in your swirling thoughts.

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