Who is Primecaps?

Primecaps Artisans Aka. Frank and Lisa

We are an artisan duo from Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada!

Inspired by the work of other artisan creators, we began making keycaps early 2016. By December we made our first sale and have hardly looked back since.

Together we have a wide range of skills that combine to create some unique and functional works of art. Though each has our own specialties, we both contribute to all elements of the creation and distribution process. Lisa’s back ground with theatrical design and other traditional art forms helps to shape things in the physical world while Frank’s digital intuition and mad photography skills brings our designs to your screen.

We look forward to expanding our creative working partners and create some collaborative relationships with other makers in the community. As well it’s always helpful and interesting to get feedback from other keeb enthusiasts like you!

Vancouver Island is a beautiful place. When not in the shop, we try to fully appreciate the natural landscape by hiking and camping. Or Lisa will make some tasty dinner and baked goods for a cozy evening at home.