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Gimpy Grab Bag - Deep Field - 9

Gimpy Grab Bag - Deep Field - 9

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This is a great option for people who are just starting their collection. Gimpy caps need love too!

Please Note: Gimpy caps are b-stock caps that may have small defects in them. Defects may come in the way of small bubbles, under fill gaps or other material breaching the edge of the cap(usually on the bottom).  The stem will be fully functional. Gimpy caps will not come with Authenticity

Each bag includes 5 Gimpy Deep Field caps.

These caps are designed to fit with GMK / Cherry profile. They may be any size from 1U to a space bar and will be a mix of the available Deep Field colorways offered in this sale.

Caps fit MX switches. Please note that our caps are thicker than normal and may not fit with non-standard MX configurations (o-rings / box switches / topre-MX sliders)

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