Klacken 3 -  (color change from Blue to purple at 72°F)

Klacken 3 - (color change from Blue to purple at 72°F)

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This cap changes colour at 72°F (22°C).

The color changes from blue to purple below 72°F (22°C). 

This cap is designed to fit Cherry MX, Kalih, and Gateron switches.

"Kraken" comes from the German word for octopus.

Legends hold that the Kraken would attack a ship and sink it by wrapping its many arms around the ship. The ship's crew would either drown or be eaten by the monster.

These legendary massive sea monsters used to live in the depths of the sea off the coasts of Norway and Iceland, but since have grown smaller and more rigid over the years.

Scientists have named the newly discovered creature "the Klacken." These creatures now share a symbiotic relationship with keyboard enthusiasts and can be found deep under the pacific ocean or in the top most reaches of mechanical keyboards.